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Race amendments

due to COVID-19 regulations 

Race time: 10:00am 

Location: Trippes Beach, Waskesiu Lake, PANP


Safety precaution: We are encouraging all swimmers to provide their own paddler. This enables you to keep your 'bubble' in tact and increases the safety of everyone. Please note that if you can't find someone it's not a problem! We have ample extra-support! 


Participant limitations: Large amounts of spectators are still discouraged at this time. Tell them to save up for 2022! 


Social Distancing: We will not be encouraging any close contact for on-land activities. A fire will be started for safety reasons, and bring your own lawn chair for sitting. Masks are strongly encouraged for pre & post-race communications. 

Pre-race: Registration is online, when the swimmer arrives at Trippes beach they will be handed a pre-numbered race cap and encouraged to keep your distance from other swimmers for the pre-race briefing. 

  • We would like to avoid congestion in the race area. 


Swim start: Swimmers will line up along the beach, 2m apart (within the width of the buoyed area).

  • If swimmers are choosing to do the 1.6km race we will shuttle you out to King at roughly 10:15am, for a 10:30am start. Please bring a mask for the ride! 

While the swimmers are in the water they will not be within 2 metres of one another (race rules… drafting is discouraged). 

Swim end: Swimmers will end the race when they clear the water at Trippes beach. Swimmers will be encouraged to stay 2m apart from one another.


Post-Swim: Our apologies, we are still working out a post-swim ceremony. Please bring a lawn-chair for a socially distanced visit!

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