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Marathon 10km swim



To register, swimmers must meet the following requirements:

First time swimmers of a cold-water 10K swim are required to obtain prior approval from the organizers prior to registration (send email to

The approval email should include the following three key points:

1. Swimmers should describe their experience in long distance open water swimming.

2. How they will prepare (training plan/acclimatization) to meet the challenges of swimming 10 kilometres in cold (55 to 68°F; 13 to 20°C) water.  

3. Include a nutrition plan for the swim.

Swimmers between the ages of 14 and 19 are required to obtain approval and a parent or guardian must be in their escort watercraft.


Please contact the race committee at for additional details.


Swimmers must wear the race swim cap.

No MP3 players or similar devices are allowed.

Swimmers must supply their own safety watercraft.


All 10km swimmers must attend a pre-race meeting. This meeting is important to understand course route and safety procedures. 

Support Craft

Every swimmer must be accompanied by a paddler (canoe, kayak, SUP) for the entire race.  The paddler provides visibility for safety, navigation, and nutrition. Upon registration please submit the name of your paddler and type of support craft they will provide. 


For those without access to a paddler, the race committee may arrange a paddler for you (first come / first served).  Swimmers may be asked to pay an extra fee for the use of the paddler. 

Course Amendment

If the prevailing winds are greater than 20km/hr from the NW the course of the race will change; swimmers will then start at Peighton beach and swim to Trippes Beach. 


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